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Other Services

Our Office provides also the following services:


Auction takes place before a notary public at the Court of Peace of the place of the seizure, every Wednesday, from 16.00 to 17.00. During auction, the debtor assets are sold off so as the consideration achieved by their forced sale to satisfy the claims of the debtor’s creditors.  

The opening price (“price of first offer”) of the auction cannot be lower than the objective value of the property. The latter is usually lower than the market value of the property.

The notary public, as an official of the auction, assures its validity. After the auction is completed, the notary public declares the end of the procedure.  Right after, he unseals the offers publicly and writes down their content to his report. 


Our Office undertakes structuring of autocar transfer deeds. This kind of deed constitutes enforceable legal title, which is extremely useful in cases of car sale under article 532 of the Greek Civil Code.


The notary public structures also proxies of various forms (proxies containing general orders or specific orders, proxy for parental granting, proxy for property sale, proxies to be used in courts etc).

Furthermore, our Office undertakes structuring of sworn statements. The legal documents of this kind are usually used to the civil courts as a documentary evidence.